Rich, Beautiful And Out of Touch.

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I have never understood why the wealthy post on social media. I wouldn’t.

Though, I’m eager to rid society of elitism and can recognize that the desire for connection is universally yearned by those experiencing humanity — the display of wealth online remains absurd to me.

I recall the adage “money talks, wealth whispers”. Yet, in today’s attention-hungry-technology-enabled landscape new money has rapidly gained on those of old fortune. Even the keenest of observers may struggle to appreciate the difference.

Reality stars turned business moguls and silicon valley darlings have joined the ranks of…

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FACT: Everyone who has ever lived has had to face adversity.

Still, for some reason, it feels like society has become an increasingly difficult place to live.

The past few months have only deepened fears of a looming economic crisis and cynicism toward government.

Nostalgia can feel overwhelming when each day appears to usher in a new nightmarish historical event.

Since this year has begun the Senate acquitted the President of the United States of impeachment charges, a beloved public figure died tragically, the coronavirus pandemic has affected millions, elections have been canceled, unemployment rates have soared, and most recently…

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The internet is divided into two camps: those who believe in online privacy, and those who know better.

I have a private Instagram account, which I’m self-aware enough to admit is ironic.

Still, I like the idea that if someone wants access to my digital world they have to at least knock on the door first.

I like receiving follower requests and having the ability to accept or deny them. It makes me feel safe even though it is a completely meaningless and delusional exchange.

A private account is just a transparent security blanket. Comforting perhaps, but ultimately useless.


Not your average influencers.

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If someone told you they knew what a stranger’s child ate for lunch, that child’s favorite song on the radio, or even where they went to school would you be concerned?

Pre-social media it would’ve been nearly impossible to be privy to that type of information without warranting a visit from the authorities. But the internet has managed to usher in a new era where accessing information about people whom you’ve never met isn’t viewed as abnormal. It’s encouraged.

Both sharing and oversharing are lucrative. Content gets followers, followers generate views and views hopefully translate to money. …

The one with the remote has the most control.

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It’s hard to think of a time before pop culture was dissected across social media. Twitter hashtags now steer office fodder and trends that were once decided by magazine editors are in the hands of the masses.

Television is a major indicator of social media’s impact on the entertainment sector. Successful television shows that don’t include some sort of social media element have become unimaginable. The sharing of memes, gifs, stickers, and sponsored emojis are now used as significant metrics of engagement.

Years after Flavor of Love went off-air former contestant…

Are all legends self-made?

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I was indoctrinated into rap culture at an early age. My brother’s refusal to sacrifice the volume of his music after school forced me to memorize multiplication times tables and Kanye lyrics in unison. As the last-born, my hand-me-downs included the musical proclivities of my older siblings.

They were the gatekeepers of everything music and culture in my household. My baptism-by-fire included watching MTV Jams on replay (because body mass often dictated who was in possession of the remote). My iPod held all the Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z and N.E.R.D …

Brittany Bone

Social media and culture writer. @bonebritt

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